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a few snapshots from this life of mine

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assorted moments

some highlights from last week-

the museum of natural history


a surprise visit

levain bakery

grand central station

intelligentsia coffee

central park

times square

and many, many, many yellow taxis

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new york minute

Sally and I trudged into the city last week, and I got to look at everything with newborn baby eyes. the lights, and the heights, and all the sights and sounds were overwhelming in the best way. it was fun trying to navigate the grid, and walk the wrong direction on more occasions than one. by the time the day was over, I had a thick layer of city dust coating my skin and most likely the inside layer of my lungs, but its ok. the big apple bit me.


we started our morning at the ACE Hotel, and grabbed the yummiest iced Americanos from the Stumptown on the ground floor. We tried to hangout in the lobby, but we weren’t pretentious enough. instead, we decided to meander over to madison park and set up a blanket on the grass for some people watching.




we hit a few more city haunts, and I tried my darnest not to act too touristy. it was hard not to though. I wanted to walk the whole city with my camera lens glued to my eye, snapping all the sights.

We hit the union square farmers market, and some really trendy shops. My two favorites were Fishs Eddy, and ABC Carpet&Home. Needless to say, if I ever move to the city (and win the lottery) my trendy apartment would definitely be furnished  by these two.




a couple slices of pizza and a few subway rides later, we called it a day. we barely covered union square and east village. next week there will be more!


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boston called

after leaving the Cape, I boarded a big fancy bus for a few hours to get to Boston. A few months ago, my friends and I were looking into concerts and music festivals, and this one happened to line up perfectly. when I saw that a few of the headliners were some of my favorite artists, the decision was easy. Saturday and Sunday were mostly consumed by listening, dancing, and people watching at the show. I was stoked to get to hear Death Cab live for the second time, and the Head and the Heart didn’t disappoint. They made my skin all warm and fuzzy on more than one occasion. It was also cool to hear some bands that I hadn’t even heard of, and get turned on to some new music.



We also had time to stop by and check out one of Boston’s main breweries, Harpoon. We got to do a tasting, and learn a bit about the brewing process. Their pilot flight had a bunch of crazy new flavors they were testing out, my favorite of which was the Mint Cider.


In the next few days, I had the chance to walk around and explore the city a bit. I got to walk through Harvard and MIT, pretending to be a student, of course. I also ate the yummiest canoli from Modern Pastry, and had gelato for breakfast. But I did the walking tour of the city so YOLOoooooooo



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toes in the atlantic

after almost 24 hours of travel, 2 planes, a train, and a subway I arrived at my first temporary destination. One of my best friends just completed nursing school, and was about to graduate with her Bachelor’s of Science in nursing. We haven’t been in the same state since Christmas, so it was really great to catch up with her and her family for a few days. after her ceremony and little graduation party, we headed out to her family’s cottage in Cape Cod.

The bay in front of their house is hugely effected by the tides. When the tide was low, we could run out onto the flat, collect oysters and look for other sea treasures. A few hours later, we were able to kayak and paddle out over the same ground.

Going for early morning runs in the crisp fresh air is probably one of my favorite things about the mainland. It’s nice to run in a new space, smell all the new smells, and see things I don’t see at home. Like squirrels scurrying up trees, and wild rabbits darting out of the bushes in my wake. I only got to spend a few days in the Cape, but I’m hoping to be able to swing back before my eventual departure.

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Summertime Fine

and just like that, another semester has gone and passed. in the blink of an eye, all the stresses and difficulties of the past 4 months are swept away. I’m beyond ready to allow my mind to be wiped clean of medication calculations, care plan write ups, and nursing diagnoses. amidst all the work that these months entailed, the knowledge and experience I gained throughout this semester has brought so much joy and fulfillment along with it. while it is daunting to think that this is perhaps my last summer before real adult life, I’m anxious to dive into all that comes with my final year of nursing school and my quickly approaching career. the last few weeks have been a whirlwind of packing, prepping, cramming, and a bit of pacific ocean dipping to tide me over for the next month an a half, but I’m itching for the adventure that awaits, new cities, faces, places, and sights on the Atlantic’s shore. 



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Fancy Hippies: a Paradox

A bead of sweat rolls off the tip of my nose as I transition from plank to down dog, the sunrise shell suspended on a gold chain around my neck falls into my mouth with the tuck of my chin. I readjust the pads of my fingertips to grip the filthy mat beneath them, and look to my left. Perfectly manicured, shellac fingernails painted in a glossy plum hue lay delicately atop what looks to be a brand new yoga mat, her fourth digit adorned with an icy rock that would make any diamond dealer blush. I glance between my legs at the rows of people behind me, arranged on their mats, neatly in rows , every space between mannequins and displays is occupied by a body. Everyone exhales a “lion’s breath” in unison, per our yogini’s request. I turn my head to the right, my breath causing the fabric on the leg of the “ascent pant” to flutter, and I gaze at the clothing rack whose space I’m encroaching upon. I look at the tag on each pair of pants: $128. “Those pants better do something amazing for your ass,” I think to myself. Or is that job reserved for its neighbor, the “nice asana” pant? (boasting an absurd price tag of $135 bucks)

It’s a silly concept; hosting a free yoga class in an upscale retail store. I can only guess that their aim is for you to lust after the items that surround you, and in your sweaty stupor, end up purchasing something. I felt out of place in the class, clothed in an old pair of leggings and an oversized tee; everyone around me must have been wearing the ass boosting “asanas”, and the vibrantly colored strappy sports bras and tanks from the displays. I don’t blame them for buying them, they give you great cleavage, and have a handy zippered pouch for your chapstick. But I guess those aren’t the things I think about when I’m buying workout attire, or choosing what to wear to a yoga class. I think about what will be comfortable, functional… sexiness isn’t typically high on my list. It’s just kind of interesting to see how commercialism has its way of invading and exploiting all the aspects of our lives. Don’t get me wrong, Lulu puts out a great product, but it’s changing the way so many people think about yoga. Making it that rich betch, $10 kombucha bottle, Whole Foods, chia seed, $30 drop-in-class, kind of hobby. I fell in love with yoga because of the way it made me feel. How it grounded me, pulled my posture taller, provided rehabilitation for my hips and ankles; how it taught me to appreciate the parts of my body that I used to loathe, and the way it brought me peace both on and off of the mat.

While I sigh under my breath a little each time our teacher asks us to use our “peace fingers to grip our big toe,” or engage in a “yummy twist to open our heart center,” I won’t stop doing yoga. No matter how trendy, posh, and expensive it becomes, you’ll find me in a corner of the class, in a cut up t-shirt and washed out cheetah print leggings, with dirty footprints on my mat, evidencing it’s frequent use. I’ll sweat through each throwback Michael Jackson jam, and sink into savasana to the soothing sound of Bon Iver, or whoever his further hipster equivalent is these days.

I digress.

and oh, namaste.

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Amidst taking my first round of exams, adjusting to new professors, trying to write cover letters and resumes, it was nice to have a little fun project on the side. For the past few weeks, I’ve been saving images of fancy birthday cakes and fun cocktail recipes to my pinterest board in hopes I’d be able to throw something together. With the help of my creative and savvy mom, decorations were made, and drink recipes were perfected. I’m really happy with the way that it turned, out and thankful for all the friends and family who showed up to help me celebrate. 22 doesn’t seem so bad after-all!